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Environmental Health Officer – BVI

Posted in Anguilla,Environmental Jobs,Government Jobs by worldwidejobs on May 20, 2007

 The Government of the Virgin Islands invites qualified and professional applicants to apply for the post of Environmental Health Officer (Water Quality & Institutional Hygiene), Environmental Health.

Main responsibilities include:

v Inspects all day cares, schools, prisons, hospitals and geriatric homes to assess sanitary standards.

v Inspects and conducts sanitary of municipal water supply and water bottling plants.

v Collects water samples from all drinking water supplies, both public and private for analysis in accordance with the Division’s policy.

v Provides technical advice to operators, employees and owners of private water supplies, institutions and water plants.

v Conducts residual chlorine test on all chlorinated drinking water supplies

v Carries out treatment of contaminated drinking water supplies.

v Investigates public health nuisance complaints and seeks enforcement of relevant Public Health Regulations.

v Maintains record, investigates reported cases of water borne illness, generates quarterly and special reports.

v Advises and educates the general public on issues related to water quality monitoring and institutional hygiene.

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